Silviculture Program


 YSC is one of 7 Marketing Boards in the province involved with the delivery of the New Brunswick Silviculture Program. This program, funded by the Province, provides funding for many silviculture treatments aimed at improving private woodlots. These treatments include planting, thinning, alternative harvesting methods, management plans and more. Any privately owned property 10 ha (25 acres) or larger and NOT owned by a Crown Timber Licensee, Sub-licensee or Crown Corporation is eligible for funding.  

YSC Services

Management Plans


Management plans provide owners with detailed information and advice regarding their woodlots and are beneficial to both the first time and long-time owner. They also play an important role in the willing of a property to a family member in terms of the Capital Gains tax. Different levels of plans are available depending on owner needs. Subsidies are available and cost to the owner varies with the level of plan.

Timber Cruise


   The volume of wood on a woodlot is determined through systematic measurements taken on the ground. A report is then generated detailing the volume (eg in cords, or m3), of wood per species on the woodlot. Further information such as attaching average stumpage rates to the volume to determine the dollar value of the standing merchantable can be calculated. A timber cruise can provide valuable information to an owner when making decisions. ​

Boundary Lines


 Boundary lines are one of the most important components of your woodlot. The old saying that “good boundary lines make good neighbours” cannot be more true. It often falls to the owner to show they have maintained their lines in incidences of trespass. YSC can help in locating old line evidence or upgrading old lines however YSC CANNOT establish lines where no old evidence exits.  

Stumpage Agreement Advice


YSC wants you, as a woodlot owner, to make sure you are receiving a fair price for the stumpage being cut on your woodlot. We can sit down with you to help you with your stumpage agreement with your contractor, and we even have a template for a stumpage agreement at our office.

Absentee Owner Program


Private woodlots in New Brunswick are owned not only by local people but also by people from all over the world. This can make things difficult for owners when it comes to managing or determining the state of the woodlot (eg – after the 2014 Arthur storm). YSC can work with these “absentee” owners to help meet their objectives for their woodlots. This program also applies to those owners who are local but not in a position to be involved with their woodlots. 

Cutting Logs for Veneer


During the fall/winter months we have markets for your hardwood sawlogs and veneer. To help you make the most money out of your logs, we can send one of our technicians out to see you, and advise you on how to cut your logs to achieve the most value.